Martial boxing focuses on efficiency, over all other qualities. Many systems out there, do not teach you how to disable an attacker who would want to do you harm efficiently. In the martial boxing system, it teaches you that a fight doesn’t have to last longer than 10 seconds.

When you use precision striking, you take away the opponents ability to fight you. In a street environment, you don’t want to be trying to lock your opponent and try to make them see sense. You want to strike them quickly, at things they need to fight you, so you can escape to safety.

The martial boxing system emphasises striking the eyes, throat or the groin, with light weight strikes that enable you to disarm an attacker that would want to hurt you. Many traditional systems don’t train their students on how to do this correctly. Martial boxing places a stern emphasis on correct body mechanics and the right kinds of knowledge that enable you to land your technique strongly and safely.

When you are faced with a larger opponent, you don’t want to be playing games with them. You don’t want to try and box them or try to duke it out with them, particularly if you are smaller person. What you need is to strike precisely when you are attacked, and stop a person from doing you harm.

The martial boxing system has its core focus on precision striking, so that the everyday person doesn’t have to spend hours upon hours, learning and mastering many different kinds of techniques, but rather a few simple tools, that have been tried and tested, and proven to work in a potentially dangerous situation.

The other emphasis in the martial boxing system is that there is a great deal of emphasis on your own safety strategy. For instance, in a street fight, if you are attacked and you defend yourself well, you don’t hang around and try to see if everything is ok. You instead, make a hasty retreat to a place where you can be safe.

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