Myanmar Lethwei

Burmese Kickboxing

Lethwei is a martial art from Burma ( Myanmar is an official name for the country ).  It’s a distinct style of kickboxing ; headbuts and other moves not allowed in other forms are OK here.  The opponents fight standing up and are broken up when it gets too close, so it’s not a s full on a Muay Thai, but the long range kicks are really tight.  It’s easiest to see in the video below.

Explosiveness in Fighting

Exposiveness in MAA

A fight is fast,and if you can think and act fast, it’s likely you can take down larger, heavier opponents. The ability to explode into action can also be critical if you find yourself fighting on the ground. There’s a post on why you should be training explosively for MMA at that applies just as much to self defense and street fighting as to organized MMA.

If you want to build up your explosiveness, you should read about TACFIT.

MMA and the UFC

Mixed Martial ARts

The UFC is the Ultimate Fighting Championship which is a USA company that’s been heavily promoting Mixed Martial Arts the last few years.  As a result, Muay Thai and Kickboxing and other arts that are used a lot in the fights are now a lot better known. There’s a post at that’s a good short intro to MAA.  As well, we have a short write-up on the Boxing Martial Arts that are used a lot in MAA on this site – Boxing Martial Arts.