A boxing fitness program will get you into shape fast. Of course there are stacks of ways to keep fit and build up a body – weight training will build up muscle mass; running and cycling are great for cardio and stamina.  But the routines used by boxers to train themselves into peak physical fitness do all that and a lot more too, and you definitely gain more strength with these intense workouts.

Boxing training is a full body workout and it usually makes use of rounds or sets of exercises.  These are set up so that you do a set of exercises that are full-on and raise your breathing and strain your muscles, then you have a break, then another round of exercise.  They mimic how a fight situation can really go.

Interval Training

This style of training is also called interval training and the technique has been shown to have really fast results in a lot of sports.  You have bursts of really high intensity exercise, alternating with lower intensity or rest.  Running often incorporates interval training, where you run fast for a short distance, then slow for a similar length.  And running is great for improving stamina, but as a note – avoid too much distance running.  A sprint or fast run is far more closely aligned to fitness and muscle strength building.

The sets of exercises are arranged to exercise different muscles at different times.  It’s important to vary the stresses on muscles and use different muscle groups in training and the full-body workouts so that none get too tired or strained.  It helps avoid injury and allows recovery time that aids the muscle development.

Body Building

Muscle growth occurs after high-intensity training phases. Training and performing these intense rounds of exercise builds up muscle fast.  Often faster than weights and other means, so its great for body building with boxing fitness.  And because supporting muscle strength is also developed, there is less risk of injury because they can cope with the increased size of the main muscles.

Core Training

And this leads into core training. Core muscles are the ones at the front and back of the pelvis and lower spine.  They’re really important for maintaining correct bone and muscle alignment especially in times of really active exercise when you don’t want things moving out of place.  Turning and pulling exercises can be used to develop core muscles, as well as torso twists and exercises where you bring the knee up towards the body.  Boxing fitness workouts usually include core training, and exercises where you’re striking an kneeing a punching bag helps develop these muscles.

Self Defense & Boxing Fitness

Training for self defense may not be the main goal of the boxing training, but it’s a definite additional benefit.  The confidence of being able to control your environment shows and is a deterrent to would-be bullies whether or not you actually need to use your skills.

Taking Fighting Fitness to the Next Level

The next thing I’d like to talk about is the TACFIT program, which takes fighting fitness to the next level.

Commando Training Program
Tacfit Commando

The Israeli Special Forces TACFIT® Challenge was first presented to LOTAR, the Israeli Counter-Terrorism School, as a method of training their tactical responders both at home and in the field. To be accepted, the program does things:

  • To be portable, it does away with equipment, and the entire workout is bodyweight-only. It can be completed in about the same amount of space you’d need to lie down in.
  • It’s limited to 20 minutes, and yet endowed with a level of intensity and fat melting power most athletes don’t tap in a full hour of training.
  • It’s tactically relevant by focusing on the energy systems involved in tactical response, and by creating a protocol that will prime the operator to deal with the massive biochemical arousal of high stress situations. None of the tactical responders that were worked with expected that last variable—because they had no idea it was possible to train it as part of their conditioning routine.

To find out more, visit the TACFIT website HERE