Combatting Bullying

Lack of self-confidence can really ruin a kid’s life. In fact it’s the same for adults too. Martial Arts are great at instilling self self confidence because they give a person the ability to control their environment far more, and they realize that they don’t have to be the effect of a bad situation.

There are a couple of types of bullies around.  There’s definitely a small proportion of the population, who are out to get you, whether they are trained in Martial Arts or not. But they are less likely to bully a kid if it looks like they are confident and willing to fight back. The other type of bully is also lacking in confidence,and it can actually be a great thing for them to get trained in a Martial Art too, because boosting their confidence reduces their need to bully other kids.

There’s a post about this worth reading at

Explosiveness in Fighting

Exposiveness in MAA

A fight is fast,and if you can think and act fast, it’s likely you can take down larger, heavier opponents. The ability to explode into action can also be critical if you find yourself fighting on the ground. There’s a post on why you should be training explosively for MMA at that applies just as much to self defense and street fighting as to organized MMA.

If you want to build up your explosiveness, you should read about TACFIT.