Commando Training Program
Tacfit Commando

If you’ve read some of the articles in this site, you’re probably aware that keeping your body fit and ready to take action is an important aspect of self-defense.  Boxing training is great for building up the stamina, reflexes and muscle you need. The Tacfit program, as used by the Israeli Special Forces, takes things one step further.

The Israeli Special Forces TACFIT® Challenge was first presented to LOTAR, the Israeli Counter-Terrorism School, as a method of training their tactical responders both at home and in the field. To be accepted, the program does things:

  • To be portable, it does away with equipment, and the entire workout is bodyweight-only. It can be completed in about the same amount of space you’d need to lie down in.
  • It’s limited to 20 minutes, and yet endowed with a level of intensity and fat melting power most athletes don’t tap in a full hour of training.
  • It’s tactically relevant by focusing on the energy systems involved in tactical response, and by creating a protocol that will prime the operator to deal with the massive biochemical arousal of high stress situations. None of the tactical responders that were worked with expected that last variable—because they had no idea it was possible to train it as part of their conditioning routine.

To find out more, visit the TACFIT website HERE